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Retraining for Perfectionists

27 JAN 2013
Career Path : Accounting

You’ve got a keen eye for detail, and you care about getting things right every time.  You’ve worked hard to overcome your tendency to want to hand things in late or not at all rather than give over sloppy or half finished work, but your employers, friends and family know that you do the job better than anyone else. And now it’s time to pick a second career. The best job for everyone is one that matches your temperament. When it’s time for you to make your choice, the three good study fits for a second career are office administrator, pharmacy or accounting training.

Pharmacy Technician

Working in a pharmacy can mean making life or death decisions. Customers depend on you to fill prescriptions correctly, whether you’re a full pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, as well as pay attention to possible drug interactions the prescribing doctor may have missed. Pharmacy technician programs will give you in depth knowledge of drugs, as well as weight and measuring methods that will appeal to your natural inclination for exactness. Plus, you get to wear a spotless white coat and work in a sterile environment, whether it’s the local pharmacy or you’re a researcher in a clinical trial. You’ll be at home around the milligram and microgram scale you’ll work with.

Office Administrator

An office administrator describes a position that ranges from the office manager to a personal assistant. Your job will be to keep businesses running smoothly by providing error free communication, dependable records and processing information so that everything is correctly filed. You’ll get your training through an office administration college, which will teach you everything you need to know about keyboarding, computer software and traditional skills like taking dictation. With your reliability you’ll rise fast when your employer learns they can always depend on you for your tight professionalism.


If you want to delve deeper into the gears that drive a business, you’ll want to take accounting training. Accountants and bookkeepers are the ones who know how much money a business has, and will make, and whether they have the inventory they need. Because of tax regulations, it is crucial that a company’s financial departments produce accurate records, but in this field, small mistakes can change the appearance of financial forecasts with disastrous long term results. Lastly, as the workers responsible for pay and company expenses, you’ll be part of what keeps morale up and the company solvent. Thus if you’re the sort person who never drops a zero or inverts your numbers you’ll quickly become a valuable part of the team.

These are hardly an exhaustive list of possible careers, but as a perfectionist picking how you’ll retrain, you know that you’ll want to take your time to weight your options and get all the facts. One thing’s for sure, when you choose, from healthcare courses to financial quality control, you’ll have done enough homework that you can depend on it having been the right direction.


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