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10 JUL 2012
Career Path : Management


It’s past midnight and you just got to have some ice-cream. Where do you go shopping? You’ve invited your family and friends for an evening to celebrate your birthday. Where do you go shopping for soda, beer, wine, chips and other groceries? Chances are you’ll head to the big retail store that is open 24 hours and where you can get all your shopping done quickly. Retail industry plays an important part in our lives. We visit big chain retail stores in order to save on time and money spent while shopping for our groceries and other day to day needs. If you’ve always wanted to be a part of this growing business you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get started. You have the choice of attending classes online or at a campus near you. Many colleges offer flexible evening and weekend classes. A good internet connection and willingness to learn could get you started on your degree in retail management. During your study you’ll take classes in learning the various principles of retail management and marketing. You will study different subjects like retail buying, inventory management, employee management and work scheduling. You will learn about the role of computers and technology used in modern retailing. You will learn about the various processes involved in managing the supply chain in retail business.

Your job role as a retail manager will involve performing many different activities in a dynamic and challenging environment. It will involve some stress as you strive to achieve the various targets in sales, employee attendance and customer satisfaction. Your job will involve understanding consumer behavior and planning personnel availability for weekends and holiday shopping rush. You will coordinate the inventory management and delivery of products. You will be involved in talking to merchandise display managers of various companies as they set up displays in your store and offer discounts and specially reduced prices to boost the sale of their products. You will also be involved in ensuring that cash registers of all sales counters tally up to sales during the shift etc. You will plan and coordinate shift changes if you work in a 24 hour store or business. Good communication skills, negotiation and convincing will play an important role in your success as a team manager.

From holiday shoppers to merchandise promotions in your store, your day at work will be anything but normal. From taking care of senior citizen customers to human resource management you will have your hands full as you go from one task to another. You job will involve hard work but the rewards of a job well done will bring utmost satisfaction.