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Restoring the Body’s Natural Order

15 JUL 2013
Career Path : Chiropractic

The human body is a fascinating vessel of life. Combining intelligence, force and matter to achieve increasingly impressive feats unimaginable to previous generations, humans are somehow capable of integrating a million moving, living parts within them to interact intentionally with the world around them. Everything we consume and every action we take has its repercussions within us, as the body’s organs and inborn systems convert the necessary nutrients into energy and optimal health. Coping with competing demands in this busy society leads many of us to push our bodies to the limits, and the body does its best to keep up. Chiropractic care can restore the body’s internal balance, or homeostasis so that we can function at our best.

What Doctor of Chiropractic Does

A doctor of chiropractic (DC) is trained to observe signs that the body may not be functioning at optimal levels and provides adjustments to help the body heal itself and return to equilibrium. Pain, if it occurs, is only an outward symptom, the body’s natural defense mechanism to alert the brain about a deeper problem occurring somewhere else in the body. Chiropractic recognizes that there is an innate intelligence that uses the brain and nerve system to control and maintain the body in health. Interference to the nerve system can lead to a change in health most easily seen as disease or loss of function. But more than that, this interference can affect performance on multiple levels, some easily observed and others more subtle.

Balance Within the Body

Our bodies are composed of a series of interconnected systems of which the central nervous system is the most important to maintaining ideal health. Electric nerve impulses passing through the spine to the brain must flow freely to promote functional awareness, sensitivity and mobility. The bones of the spine can, if misaligned, put pressure on the cord and small spinal nerves. This pressure distorts and blocks information coming from the brain. Ultimately, these misalignments disrupt nervous system communication and lessen the body’s ability to function and heal. Doctors of chiropractic locate and correct these misalignments in the spine (called vertebral subluxations) so that the body can heal itself. Patients can help encourage their intrinsic instinct for natural flow by drinking enough water, eating properly, breathing deeply, getting the proper amount of sleep, and all manner of healthy living to interact harmoniously with our environment.

Correcting Vertebral Subluxations

Through careful location, analysis and adjusting techniques, chiropractors correct these vertebral subluxations, relieving pressure on the nerves to restore function and nerve flow. The external force of a chiropractic adjustment enhances the body’s internal responsiveness, promoting an adaptive reorganization of bodily systems by facilitating inborn tendencies for cell regeneration. The goal of a career in Chiropractic is to improve the life and health of patients by restoring fluid transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body, which can increase the body’s capacity for life and health. This process of enabling the body to achieve its full potential represents the essence of training at a chiropractic school.

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