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Religion and Global Politics in Rome

14 APR 2014
Career Path : Study Abroad

It’s no secret that religion and politics have a long, complicated and intertwined relationship when it comes to looking at the history of the world. Up until pretty recently, in the grand scheme of things, they were often viewed as the same entity. Even with new ideas in North America about the separation of church and state, on a global level, politics and religion are still very much intertwined, and having a solid foundation of knowledge on both is essential to working in either field. Rome, often heralded as not only the birthplace of modern political thought, but also the city responsible for the propagation of what we know as Catholicism today, is the perfect melting pot situation to be able to learn about how religion and politics work together and oppose each other. John Cabot University in Rome offers a great summer program on religion and global politics, so check out their latest blog post for more information on the program!

“One of the highlights of the Religion and Global Politics summer program is the Seminar on Religion and Global Politics. The seminar is constructed to help students understand the influence religion has on global politics, and gives students a chance to explore the complex and intricate relationship between the two.  Divided into three distinct parts, each is taught by a professor who adopts a different disciplinary perspective. The three parts consist of legal, empirical and normative. Each part explores the complicated relationship between religion and politics in a different context, with the aim of giving students a higher level of understanding of a complex topic.”