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Record Keeping Is Key, Be It a Clinic Or Private Company

17 JUN 2013
Career Path : Accounting

There are so many things you need to keep in mind when managing a business that it can get a little overwhelming. But there’s one thing that will help you in all aspects: proper record keeping. Without the ability to access previous information, it’s difficult to keep on track and manage clients or patients. Whether you’re a business or a clinic, this should benefit you immensely.

There are a variety of ways that you can learn how to better keep records. There are healthcare courses that specifically go over clinical record keeping or you can try accounting courses. Both of these should prepare you for the best record keeping procedures that will keep your business in line.

So why is record keeping so important? For a clinic, the biggest benefit is being able to keep accurate patient files. While it’s really impossible to run a clinic without medical files, there’s other information you need in order to better benefit the clinic and your patients. Knowing the history of the patient, understanding how often they come in and their insurance history can give you vital information that will allow you to work better with the patient and understand their needs.

Other documents you need to keep are copies of privacy notices and billing records. Any legal information is incredibly important, not just to protect yourself from a lawsuit, but also to keep from spending time on redundancies. Filling out extraneous forms and going through different information time and time again only takes away from the time you could be spending on more practical things.

Again, healthcare courses can help you understand what documents you need to be keeping, for how long, and how to best store them. Still, it’s important to take accounting courses, so that you can better manage the financial side of your clinic. Whether your clinic is non-profit or profit-based, financial records and understanding is extremely important for taxes and prolonging the life of the clinic.

Financial records should allow you to prepare for taxes much more easily, and in many cases, they’re required. Not being able to manage taxes is unfortunately a common reason for businesses failing. There are a variety of spreadsheet and tax management software programs that can help you manage your financial records easily, although it’s important to keep original copies of statements and invoices in case of an audit or discrepancy.

In the end, any business benefits from proper record keeping because it protects the business, whether it’s from audits, lost time, or misunderstanding a client’s needs. For a clinic, healthcare courses and accounting courses are a prime way to learn enough to better manage their records and know which documents are the most important.

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