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Receptionist Training – What Will You Learn?

30 APR 2012
Career Path : Administration

Most people who are drawn to receptionist training come already equipped with the people skills that their jobs on the front lines of bustling offices will require. But other receptionist skills must be taught! Here is an overview of the kinds of things a student can expect to learn at community college.

Introduction to Bookkeeping

Most receptionist training at the college level provides students with an introduction to double entry bookkeeping. This will make you an asset to future employers!

Advanced Keyboarding Skills

Receptionist training can also include courses that help refine your ability to type. Because receptionists today spend so much of their time sitting in front of computer screens, you may also receive training on how to position yourself so as to avoid injury. You may be asked to improve your typing speed.

A Refresher Course on the Internet

The Internet has become a part of our daily lives, but some receptionist training still includes a look at this tool from a professional perspective. What are the right names for the tools we use everyday? How can we troubleshoot when things go wrong?

Spreadsheets 101

Most receptionist training includes information on such software programs as Microsoft Excel. As a receptionist, you may be required to create or use spreadsheets for your employer. The more you know about Excel, the easier your job will be.

The Secrets of Microsoft Word

You may think you know Word, having used it at home on your personal computer, but there are many short cuts and tips that long-time users can teach you. If you are lucky, an in-depth look at Word will form part of your receptionist training.

Basic Punctuation

After receptionist training, you will find a job, where you will, in a sense, be a face of your organization. You will probably have to write emails on behalf of your organization, and you will want to avoid making grammatical mistakes. Taking the time now to review your writing skills can save you embarrassment later.

But that’s not all that you will learn at receptionist training. You will probably get advice on how to dress appropriately for different kinds of workplaces. You may learn some tips for dealing with difficult personalities, whether on the phone, over email or in person.

If you are lucky, your receptionist training may also include a job placement program, that will help you land your first job out of school.

Other Perks of Receptionist Training

Another perk of receptionist training is the camaraderie that can develop between fellow students. So enjoy your time at school!