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5 Reasons to Study Abroad In Italy

6 NOV 2013
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There are many reasons people choose to study abroad, from the desire to embark on an international adventure, to the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture. No matter why you’re considering studying abroad, you have one big decision to make: where to study? Italy offers everything you could want and more. Consider these top 5 reasons you should choose to study abroad in Italy.

1.  A Rich Nightlife

You’ll study hard while you’re away, which will make the reward of a rich, exciting nightlife all the more exciting. There are many universities in Italy and the specific restaurants, clubs, and shops will vary based on which city you choose. However, you can expect a wide range of music clubs, from jazz to modern, and a wide range of bars, including Irish pubs, classic Italian wine bars, and delicious Bistro’s.

2. A Sport-Lovers Paradise

If you’re passionate about sports, then you’ll have plenty to do in Italy. Seeing a football match is a great way to experience local culture in Rome – keep in mind that in European countries ‘football’ is what we call soccer. In Italy, football has a huge following and exciting matches are held throughout the season. There are also basketball teams, Grand Prix, and many more sporting events to attend.

3. The Opportunity to Make the Most of Your Travel

Travel throughout Europe on buses and international trains is simple. When you decide to study abroad in Italy, you can easily take a weekend trip to any number of other countries. Making the decision to study in Italy brings many opportunities for international travel.

4. Awe-Inspiring Architecture and Internationally Renowned Museums

Italy offers an eclectic mixture of history and contemporary architecture, museums, and art galleries. Many have described Italy as a magical country in which to live, and it’s no wonder when you consider the incredible Castello Sforzesco, the classic gothic Duomo, and the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, which is one of the largest and most ornately decorated churches in the world. Contemporary examples include Torre Velasca, which is over 100 meters tall and has a unique, fortress shape.

5. A Multitude of Fashion and Shopping Options

Many of the world’s most famous designers call Italy home.  Rome is one of the world’s fashion capitals and many luxury labels can be found here, primarily along its prestigious and upscale Via dei Condotti.

Studying at one of the American-style universities in Italy is sure to deliver a memorable, rewarding experience. Choose to study in this historic, beautiful, unique country, and you’re sure to find plenty to get excited about.

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