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Reasons Why Going to Business School is a No-Brainer

10 APR 2013
Career Path : Business

Business school is a great fit for people with a wide variety of career interests. From people just starting a career, to skilled professionals looking to branch off in an entrepreneurial way, you will find classes and skills to help you with your goals. You could learn to become everything from a medical office assistant to how to put your web design courses to work in a way that will create a profitable company.


A modern business school offers classes in everything from administration to marketing. Earning your way into these roles can be a matter of making the right choices after enrollment. And with a variety of student funding sources, this can be very affordable. This is especially the case with accredited colleges, which can offer not only a top notch education but a great way to get your foot in the door with your first job.


The conundrum with job hunting is getting the experience you need to get your initial experience.  With a career focused college, you will not only have a staff devoted to making you appeal to employers, but the careers centre generally focuses on networking. Furthermore, many colleges will also be able to set you up with a practicum to help you get hired.


For example, if you are looking to break into the healthcare field and you trained to be a medical office assistant, you will get a few months of skill intensive classes, and then be placed in a clinic for a month or two. Over this time period you either get a chance to prove yourself in a way that will turn into a job or failing that, gain both contacts and valuable references when you look around for other medical office assistant positions.


It is also a good way to make new friends, as you’ll get to meet people, who even if they come from different backgrounds than you will all have similar goals. You will work on the same projects and have many things to share in common. These will also be lifelong contacts for advancing your career.


In business school, you will usually be able to choose between courses and full diploma programs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You might consider individual courses for certification or a whole diploma for a career change. On the other hand you will also have a choice of electives to make you more well-rounded, things like language, graphic arts or web design courses. If you have the time, it can be a very good idea to diversify. You never know when a skill will come in handy!

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