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Why Should We Read?

2 OCT 2014

What is Literature for? from Marcus Armitage on Vimeo.  
More often than ever before, it’s become difficult to sit on your sofa, open a book and just read. Why is this? A hundred years ago, this was the primary pastime—even in our childhood we could spend days reading Harry Potter books and not feel as though we’re missing out on anything else in life. Today, we have a variety of visual and mental stimulants: the news, television, music, the internet, Netflix, all which seem easier to be engaged in than reading a book. This video for The School of Life explains just why it’s so important to keep reading:

  1. It lets us experience multiple emotions that would take us years to try and experience directly.
  2. We gain empathy by seeing things from another person’s point of view.
  3. Books help us explain sensations and phenomenon happening in our own life.
  4. Books let us know disappointment and the downfalls in life, including criticism and embarrassment.

What are YOU reading, and has this book had any of these effects on you?