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How to be a Radio and Television Broadcaster

31 MAR 2014

Do you have the gift of gab and want to share it with the world? If you’re someone who loves to tell stories, craft narratives and entertain people, then perhaps you should consider a career as a broadcaster, whether it be on television or on the air waves of the radio. Broadcasters not only enjoy stable work doing what they love, but there are a variety of perks to the job as well ranging from notoriety to being able to interview people that you genuinely admire and respect. Broadcasters, whether it be for television or radio, are tasked with delivering important information to people on a daily basis and ensuring that everyone stays informed of the situations and scenarios playing out at the moment. They’re integral to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge. Check out this blog post by Herzing College for more information on how to become a broadcaster.


One of the best ways to transition from school to work in a media setting is by undertaking an internship, whether it’s when you’re still in school, or after you graduate. Taking a paid internship is preferred, but unpaid internships in some cases can be extremely beneficial – however, never be afraid to inquire about money. After completing an internship, you’ll most likely be offered a job at the organization, or at the very least have practical on the job training and a great reference. From there it’s just a matter of applying everywhere and not resting until you’re gainfully employed as a broadcaster. “