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Get More From Your PSW Courses, Toronto Patient Care Volunteer Jobs

27 FEB 2012
Career Path : Personal Support Worker

Are you enrolled in a Greater Toronto Area personal support worker (PSW) program? Toronto offers many volunteer opportunities for students of PSW courses. Toronto’s West Park Healthcare Centre is just one of many such examples.

Volunteering during your PSW program: Toronto’s West Park and other centres

For students eager to try their hand at some of the skills they are learning in their PSW courses, Toronto’s West Park long-term care centre offers some interesting volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are always needed to assist patients with the tasks of daily living, including feeding and attending physiotherapy sessions.

For students learning about such skills in a PSW program, Toronto centres like West Park offer a chance to:

  • forge connections with like-minded people already in the working world
  • identify mentors
  • acquire skills that will make them more attractive to future employers and more of a comfort to future patients

What kind of volunteer opportunities may appeal to students enrolled in a PSW program? Toronto’s West Park’s website posts some interesting possibilities:

  • a dining together program
  • feeding in the nursing units
  • escorting patients to rehab and recreational therapies
  • accompanying patients to worship
  • helping patients access the library
  • leading patients on outings into the community

All tasks that you will be training for in your PSW program. Toronto’s Harold and Grace Baker Centre is another local long-term care centre that offers students a chance to help with:

  • music time
  • bingo games
  • dance classes
  • card games
  • craft projects
  • sing songs
  • board games

After you graduate from your PSW program, Toronto-based Hospice Association of Ontario could be a valuable resource.

Why not foster a relationship with this valuable organization now, while you are still in school, to learn, for example, about the following type of volunteer opportunities for students of PSW courses: Toronto’s Gitche M’Qua Centre is looking for a volunteer to categorize their books on healing and spirituality – an interesting task for someone about to enter a helping profession.

Another option for students of PSW courses: Toronto’s Circle of Care offers volunteer supported care to help clients stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Volunteers are key to helping the Centre meet its goal of reducing isolation for patients with limited mobility.

Yet another options for students of PSW courses: Toronto’s Kensington Health is looking for volunteers to help with patient-oriented care.

So don’t delay, contact an elder care service in your area. A volunteer job will help consolidate the lessons learned in your personal support worker course. Toronto offers a range of options.

Contact the Academy of Learning Toronto for more information on their Personal Support Worker Courses.