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Prospective Careers After DJ School

24 MAY 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Once you have completed your DJ course, you will find that there are a huge number of avenues that will allow you to put your education to use. The first step after you graduate is building up a stable of gigs, or specialize and work for one employer. Usually though, DJ school doesn’t just mean that you have to confine yourself to being a DJ on a radio station or a single source of income. With the audio courses that you took, you might choose to go into business for yourself where you provide entertainment for private bookings, events and parties. This decision will create limitless opportunities for you. You will be able to play for weddings, school events, and you will find that you can also get yourself a regular position by playing for night clubs on the nights that they don’t have a live band. You may also be needed on the night when live band is used, to cover prior to when the band starting and while the band is on a break. There are also high school reunions, benefit events, college parties and so many more ways to keep your career flowing and the income coming in.

Flexible Hours with Great Pay

After DJ school, you can book your working schedule in whatever way suits your needs. You may choose to DJ for a local radio station during the day and then DJ a party or event in the evening. You may find that many of the events or parties that you need to DJ for are mostly held on the weekends which can be a good thing. You just may find that booking 2 events on the weekends can pay more than what working a 40 hour a job pays for many people. The amount that you make from a party or event will depend on the length of the event and how many people will be attending the event. If you are a night owl, this may be the perfect career choice for you.

It’s All Up To You

Building your career after you have experienced DJ school and the audio courses will be all that you make it. A love for a variety of music is key to career success. Being able to please your audience will be one of the main details. It also helps to have a pleasant personality so that you are able to mingle with the crowd and enjoy fulfilling their request. Being on time for you playing gigs will be crucial and you will want to make sure that you spend plenty of time with those that are hiring you to make sure that you understand exactly what their expectations are for their party of event. Pleasing your customers will help you maintain retention with them so that you are the first one that they think of when they need the service of a quality DJ.

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