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Promoting Your Student Film

9 AUG 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Promoting your student film starts pre-production, during production, and post-production. Before you begin your masterpiece you must think marketing. In production you need to get word out. Once your film is done, the real effort begins.

Before you start making your student film

Being prepared is your best plan of attack when marketing your student film. Think through your films:

  • online presence
  • description
  • title

Online you’ll need a home base, a film website at minimum, but also social media, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, etc. Best to use an existing Twitter account for the project as it’s already got a following. A specific Facebook page for the film itself is almost indispensable these days. Tumbler makes things easy for the computer-phobes.

You basically need to think like a search engine to draw up your best film title and description. These few carefully-chosen words will be used throughout the process: at YouTube and Vimeo, in p.r., at your website, in your social media blurbs, etc. Get ’em right from the git-go and watch the world come to your doorstep.

Students at film schools in Canada need deadlines, as anywhere. Fix a drop-dead date when this masterpiece will be screened. Now’s a good time to make up business cards for all those people you’ll be working with–and any t-shirts, posters, or other such promotional paraphernalia.

While you’re making your student film

During production you need to be updating the website and Facebook page, sending out tweets, and keeping friends up on progress. If music, especially original music, will be used in your student film get it out there. Promote the artists who put it together. Torontonians love music and it will draw them to a flick from a film school in Toronto.

Work up the tools you’ll need for your public relations (p.r.) campaign, e.g., release, video bits, photos, etc., so you’ll be ready to roll when the time comes. A good p.r. campaign needs several weeks to work its magic for your project.

Use all those resources film schools in Canada are famous for, like: their websites and social media networks, poster places, word-of-mouth. Use going to the best film school in Toronto, and the city itself, to your best advantage.

After you’ve finished making your student film

Here’s where the real footwork begins. You’ll have the initial scramble to that big screening event involving beating the bushes and contacting everybody you can think of. Hand out cards to anyone you even vaguely know. Passersby count here.

Film schools in Canada, and especially the best film school in Toronto, are natural draws to the artistically-curious masses who want to see what the best film students in the country are up to. Make sure you tell ’em, and wow ’em with your creation.

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