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Getting Promoted to Sales Management

9 APR 2013
Career Path : Business

If you have ambitions to getting promoted to sales management, you might wonder what the best path is. Your sales job already means you have people skills. To get to management there are some career building tips you can follow on top of that, that will give you both the skills you need and make you more attractive for a promotion.

Moving up is more than having an exemplary work record. You do not even necessarily need the best sales results in your cadre to score that promotion either.

Talk to your employer

The trick here is making it clear you want to be promoted, without making your employer think you are ready to quit if you do not get what you want. Thus, your mission is to get the terms under which you may be promoted. A first step is simply making your superiors know you want to join their number. This might seem like a no brainer. Everyone wants to move up, right? Actually as much as you might be experts in sales strategy, nobody is psychic. And simply making your ambition evident shows admirable leadership qualities.

You then need to negotiate out what is essentially a contract. That is, to get your employers to share what the steps are to the next level and what is missing from your current portfolio. Maybe they simply want you to have some more experience. Then you just need to keep your work at its current quality. Perhaps all you need is a bit more sales training. But until you initiate the conversation, nothing is going to happen.

Making Yourself Shiny

Sometimes, knowing your ambition, your company will start investing in your advancement. Put your full effort into their sales training and sales management courses. But even if they’€™ve given you something to work on you’€™re still going to need to invest in yourself. Keep up with the latest sales strategy trends. This can mean classes or reading in your spare time. Of course you probably have a busy life with family, friends and hobbies.

One trick to make space for this is to look for wasted time. For example a dull hour long commute is a great chance to plug in an audio book. Many materials designed for sales professionals know that you don’€™t have much time in your life and have bite-sized options.

Another way of getting more attention at work is to volunteer yourself. Whether you take on peer sales training for a new hire or volunteer with your company’s favourite non-profit, eventually success will be available and with persistence and hard work the sky is the limit for how far you can go.

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