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Take Your Projects to the Next Level with Graphic Design or Home Inspection

11 APR 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

If you are interested in doing your own home construction or other large scale projects and renovations, you probably want a strong background in trade skills and other construction related abilities such as carpentry or plumbing. But if you want your structures to be up to code, and to work on your own design you can gain with either graphic design courses or home inspection courses.


Home inspection courses will teach you about the standards required by large and small structures, from a garden shed to a mansion. They can also point you in the right direction to have the skills to make your projects safe, and teach you fundamentals and basics of a well-constructed structure. You will learn about the difference between load and non-load bearing walls, and the best ways for things to be wired and the most common configurations for plumbing.


Home inspection courses will also help you with interior design. While they cannot tell you what colours look good together, they can point you in the right direction for environmentally friendly paints with a low toxicity rating, and the best safety habits when working in your space. And for extreme modifications you can make sure everything does not collapse by removing or weakening the wrong bit.


You will also have the opportunity to learn about proper drainage, which is particularly useful if your project includes landscaping or external construction. As well as preventing water from pooling, which can cause anything from too heavy a load on your structure or an eroded foundation, as well as materials degradation and mold growth. In landscaping and in all sorts of other projects, on the other hand, graphic design courses will help you visualize your finished project without the same risk of trial and error.


For example, your knowledge of gardening will tell you whether a plant is shade or sunlight friendly, but knowing whether or not the scale of the plant will overpower the lines of the other fixtures you’ve picked out is something you can do in a computer aided design, paint or image editing software program of the kind you’d learn in graphic design courses. This is much better than having to change a structure that was intended to be permanent as well.


If this sounds like a good fit, you are probably wondering where you can find things like home inspection courses.  These are usually available at a skills focused college, such as a career college or a community college. You can also look for correspondence classes. Often you can find all sorts of education options that way, from nursing to web design courses, and everything you need for your future projects.

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