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Problems Cars can Diagnose on their Own

3 DEC 2013

In this day and age, chances are that you don’t have to have an intricate knowledge of vehicles to know what’s wrong with your car. In this helpful blog post from the Automotive Training Centre, you’ll see how your car can self-diagnose some of the most common problems that you’ll encounter, and save you the trouble of opening the hood and racking your brain to find out what’s wrong.

“Today’s cars are more wired and connected than your average household. With a massive computer and tons of sensors, your car has the ability to monitor and be aware of the majority of things going on under the hood. The system that keeps track of all of this is called the OBD – or “on board diagnostic” – system. Your car has tiny little sensors everywhere from the tires to the seat that can tell the vehicle when or if something’s gone awry. Luckily, most of the time this means you’ll know when to take your car into the auto mechanic before something goes horribly wrong.”

Even though the on-board diagnostic system isn’t the be-all end-all to discovering what’s wrong with your automobile, it’s the first line of defense against problems that – if you’re not aware of them – can get much more severe. Although it’s a great and handy tool to warn you that something’s gone wrong, you should always trust an auto mechanic to diagnose and fix the real problem.