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Pressure Vessel Drawing

25 NOV 2013

The pressure’s on! In this informative blog post from Digital School, you can find an in-depth explanation of the world of pressure vessels, and how knowledge of Computer Assisted Design can have you drafting up plans for anything from submarine diving tanks to environmentally friendly hot water tanks. Pressure vessels are an intensely regulated and incredibly specific field of work, and this blog post will show you exactly what you need to know to get your foot in the door of pressure vessel drawing:

“The most common examples of pressure vessels are things like compressed air receivers or hot water tanks. However, other examples of pressure vessels are can be as varied and obscure as pressure reactors, storage vessels for liquefied gases or even diving cylinders in submarines. With most of these containers, the importance of keeping the contents safely pressurized is extremely serious. The tiniest flaw could lead to a disaster. Design, manufacture, and operation of pressure vessels are all regulated by specific engineering authorities. Because of this, what constitutes a pressure vessel can differ slightly from country to country.”

Drafting and creating pressure vessels is an extremely intense and challenging task, and one that takes some meticulous training and a critical eye. However, with this blog post as a guide, you’ll have the access to resources and information that can tell you.