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Prepping a Used Car For Sale

26 SEP 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Whether you are planning on attempting to sell your car privately, sell your car through a dealer, or you work for used car seller, it is not always possible to sell a vehicle “as is”. Generally, you will get something for a car in whatever condition it is in – but it will most likely be far less than you could be getting potentially.

Whether you are just planning to sell your old car, or you plan to sell used vehicles for a living, these are some of the most important steps in prepping a used vehicle so you get the most possible out of its sale.

You Want a Clean Machine

This step is obvious, but it is surprising how many sellers that expend minimal – if any – effort on ensuring that the vehicle they are attempting to sell is as clean as possible. This means an exhaustive cleaning of both the interior and exterior – including vacuuming, wiping down surfaces of the interior, thoroughly cleaning the windows, and washing and waxing the exterior. Ideally, the vehicle should also go through a full detailing.

Get a Second Opinion

There are few used car buyers who do not absolute assurance that their significant investment will be reliable. This includes a bit more than just a quick look over, or even a test drive. While some potential buyers will insist on having their own trusted mechanic take a look at the vehicle, you can often assuage customer apprehensions with a comprehensive inspection done by an objective, third party mechanic. Any graduate of car sales training will advise you to keep records of this inspection as well as past inspections to show prospective buyers.

Maximize the Aesthetic Appeal

For newer vehicles that have not seen much use, sometimes the aforementioned thorough cleaning is enough to get a car in showroom shape. However, for older autos it often takes a bit more. Even if a car has been meticulously maintained and still has hundreds of thousands of miles of life left, an old, somewhat tired vehicle is still bound to look, well, old and tired.

A way to remedy this common used car sales snag is through the transformative power of automotive painting. If you have never witnessed the metamorphosis of good automotive paint job, you might very well be surprised as to how little more than a coat of paint will convert a seeming jalopy into a gleaming beauty.

Even when you are anxious to get a car off your hands, not taking these steps can and will often cost you in the long run. Proper preparation will ensure that you are getting the best price possible for parting with a used car.


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