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The Pragmatics of Career Training

15 APR 2013
Career Path : Accounting

Advancing your education means making the right choices to achieve your dreams. In today’s economy, you must balance you hopes and ambitions with the reality of the job market. If you want to work in a glamorous, high competition field it can be hard to break in, even with the right education. But sometimes, if you’re more set in working in a field than a particular job title, the sneaky way to get in is to consider a “practical” choice like accounting courses.


Of course, if you’re all set on being a doctor, being the doctor’s accountant is not substitute. Even so, sometimes you will have no choice about practical and can still spin it into something positive. For example the conventional path to medical school involves a strong GPA in something with a biological science background, and now, commonly, graduate school. Part of the motivation behind this is to build a strong medical experience background, for example working in a clinic. But if that seems like it is too much of a stretch with your current financial means, it will still help get you into the field if you take healthcare courses. This gives you a chance to work for money towards your eventual goal without wasting your work experience.


Sometimes you may end up creating something just as amazing by mastering a field you’re good at that seems unrelated. For example if you wanted to go into movies, but you were never going to be a good actor or cinematographer, choosing the right IT schools could have led to breaking into either special effects, computer animation, or the nascent gaming industry. Today, big budget games are as big a part of the arts and cultural landscape as film, and often have a similar elaborate narrative and visually artistic component, as well as having sound tracks that rival film scores.


Similarly an accounting degree might seem like the less glamorous path for business success, but the accounting courses that translates into a position as a comptroller, then a CFO, and then later board memberships and directorships is a fantastic investment. Not everyone needs an MBA to get ahead.


If you are interested in putting your name on the map for a creative work, that is another reason to choose IT schools. While many artistic paths are not necessarily that well compensated, programming tends to be fairly reliable as far as a source of income, while still training you in a creative skill that you can use to make things. You may associate programming with bland infrastructure, but it could also be at the core of a fantastic multimedia project. It’s fairly safe to conclude that sometimes the practical choice can still lead to great things.

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