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The Potential of Neil Young’s LincVolt Initiative

10 MAR 2014

While many are familiar with the sultry country, rock and folk stylings of Canada’s outlaw hero Neil Young, what you might not know is that not only is he a classic car enthusiast, but he’s also a huge advocate for cleaner fuels and more efficient vehicles. Because Young is such an outspoken advocate for cleaner cars, he’s recently decided to take matters into his own hands, earning much publicity for emerging technologies in the process. The “godfather of grunge” recently headed a project that overhauled a 1959 Lincoln Continental and installed an entirely new, super efficient bio-fuel and electric hybrid engine. It’s one of the cleanest engines ever developed, and the fact that it’s implemented into the notoriously gas-guzzling Lincoln Continental is that much more impressive. To check out more about the forward-thinking hybrid dubbed the LincVolt, check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre.

“While it’s only one car, and not an entire fleet, the team behind the LincVolt isn’t trying to sell the car itself, but rather the incredibly efficient technology powering it. While it’s true that there has been a rise of popularity in hybrid technology and some of the big name car companies are hopping on board, they’re still a far cry from being as efficient as they could be. The LincVolt proves this by equipping one of the most notoriously inefficient cars with an engine that astounds with its efficiency.

By highlighting the adoption of more ecologically friendly bio-fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels, the LincVolt is challenging the conventional idea of a hybrid and taking it even further.”