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Post Economic Downturn IT Training And Careers

18 JUN 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology


A lot of changes are happening in the corporate IT departments and the IT industry as a whole. As a result they are affecting the market for jobs, the skills needed in order to secure a job and the salaries awarded to professionals. But, despite these factors, computer courses remain popular.


IT professionals are generally optimistic about their employment prospects. They believe that in spite of everything that is happening this is the best time to be in the IT industry. Such professionals believe that the jobs and careers on offer will help them become well rounded thus refining them in their careers and business. Cloud computing has caused a lot of structural changes in the corporate IT departments. This has led to the eradication of certain technology so professionals have a greater chance to rotate to other positions in the business unit.


Despite all the outsourcing and layoffs that are taking place this is a good time to get IT training. There are some jobs that are more stable so some employers are opting to hire professionals on long tenures. Big organizations would rather hire IT workers on a long term basis because it is hard to find another person with the same knowledge of the company’s IT architect as them.


If you want to pursue an IT career you need to be flexible and adaptable. The IT job market is slowly recovering from the blow it was dealt in 2009. However, it is not easy for someone to secure a position at the different levels of employment. As much as there are job vacancies they are not enough, employers are not ready to hire new talent on a full time basis.


IT jobs are stressful, demanding and fast paced. In addition to that, they are laden with a lot of responsibility with little recognition. On the other hand, most people pursue this career because they love technology and have strong logical and analytical minds. They also have very good problem solving skills, another key part of computer courses.


IT skills require constant refreshing, but are highly appreciated. However, as you move onto management you need to multi-skill. If you are an IT manager you need a combination of soft skills and the technical skills in order to succeed, so this is another option as well as updating your IT training regularly. They should be able to communicate, build relationships with their subordinates and other parties and lead or manage teams. When someone attains the CIO status they need less technological expertise and more leadership and business savvy.


Regardless of whether you want to stick with IT training or move to management, computer courses are still a good investment for many people who want to have a stable career.

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