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Planning Events to Attract Tourists

22 NOV 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

Tourism brings in big money – in fact it’s the number one economic factor for many communities across the country. However, luring in those lucrative tourists dollars isn’t always as easy as people believe. Event planning courses and tourism management can give you great insight into attracting tourists. Let’s cover a few of the simplest points of getting tourists interested in local events.

Understanding Your Demographic

The first step is to understand the type of tourist you’re trying to attract. For example, a business that rents camping supplies would likely to be trying to entice families, while a local bar would be trying to attract a younger crowd. These are extreme examples that have a cut and dry demographic, but most companies have more subtle demographics. It’s entirely possible to have several, specific demographics that a single company will be trying to capture. The key at this point is to clearly indicate what those demographics are.

Deciding on Your Profit Plan

One thing that’s different about planning an event for tourists is that you don’t have the option of simply building knowledge of your brand. Some events, especially for start-up companies, are all about letting customers know a company exists. However, you may only have one shot with tourists. As a result, the goal is not to simply let them know the company exists, but to gain monetarily as well.

That leaves you with two options. First, you can choose a free event with the purpose of getting people to a specific place and then selling them something. Using the example above of a company who rents camping supplies, this could be an event that includes a petting zoo or free pony rides for kids. While tourists are at the event, they can get information about all the camping supplies available for rent.

The other option is to create an event that requires a fee for admission. This could be a music event, a special lecture series, or a show of some kind. Typically this requires a larger investment and can be more difficult to market. Remember that everyone, including tourists, loves to show up for a free event!

Find a Way to Meet a Need

Event planning courses teach you many things about planning events, and one of the main things students take a way is the fact that every event must meet a specific need. For tourists it may be as simple as providing them with something to do, or it could be as specific are providing them with the gear they need for their trip. The bottom line is that tourism management school teaches you to find the best way to connect to any demographic and deliver an event that works.

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