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Picking the Right Business Program In Toronto

3 MAY 2013
Career Path : Accounting

A business career in Canada’s biggest city starts with getting the right training. There are lots of options for business courses in Toronto, with specialized training for every possible subset of the business world. You might learn to master sales, marketing, become an office administrator or get your start on management. Perhaps accounting and bookkeeping appeals to you or you would be more interested in a space at the reception desk or as a customer service trouble shooter.


Regardless, once you’ve decided that business is for you, you may wonder what the difference is in the various subsets you can choose from. This can mean anything from a single keyboarding skills certificate course to intensive, multi-year payroll and accounting courses in Toronto.


Sales and Customer Service

Sales and customer service feed well into each other in a modern business environment. Today’s customer doesn’t expect just to be sold to, but to develop a relationship with the company. As part of your training you will learn everything from conflict resolution to public speaking and telephone communication.


Office Administration

An office means mountains of paperwork, both the old fashioned kind and the digital kind. Someone needs to stem the tide of chaos, and that role has always fallen to secretaries and administrative assistants.  In modern training, you won’t just learn typing and filing, but also the latest business practices and software.



Marketing is different than sales, in the sense that is focuses more on a holistic act of branding and packaging things for the company. In business courses in Toronto, digital marketing is one of the biggest new trends.



Management is somewhat self-explanatory. A company with more than a few employees needs dedicated workers who make sure everyone is a connected part of the team.  Management classes are particularly good for experienced students looking to learn the skills to leap forward in their climb up the career ladder.



Of course at the core of many businesses is money and assets. The option to take accounting courses in Toronto will ground you in things like payroll regulations, inventory, and bookkeeping. In a company, these departments are very stable and can be great for long term employment.


All these options do have some aspects in common. At a good school, for example a career college, if you embark on more than individual courses, will help you be employable in multiple sectors. Thus a diploma in marketing will be no barrier to moving onto management and your office administration degree will let you co-ordinate well with payroll and bookkeeping needs of a small company, if you have multiple duties. Choosing what to study is more about selecting a starting place than an end place.

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