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Performance Tuning

30 DEC 2013

Our culture is one that’s quickly becoming obsessed with having things faster, better and easier, and the automotive industry is no different. People are becoming more and more focused on making their cars – and their cars’ engines – more powerful and blazing fast. Moreso, people are realizing that with a little tweaking and the know-how of some professionals, the factory built car they bought could be twice as fast with better gas mileage. This great blog post from Automotive Training Centre explores the crazy world of performance tuning.


“The majority of cars that undergo performance tuning aren’t racing cars, and are usually just used for leisure driving. Automotive largely just for increased handling and power and of course, bragging rights. The most essential things to performance tuning are the engine’s power output, torque, and responsiveness. However, things like fuel efficiency and superior handling are also considered to be performance tuning. Most performance tune-ups are focused on increasing the rate of combustion in the engine by putting more of the air and fuel mixture into the engine. This increases the compression ratio, meaning that it burns faster, as well as gets rid of the waste products of the fuel faster, thus increasing efficiency.”


Because of an increase in the interest of racing culture, and the affordability and ease with which drivers can now get aftermarket parts, performance tuning is becoming the way of the future. An exciting and lucrative field, performance tuning might be something to keep in mind if you’ve got fiends who feel the need for speed.