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Your Perfect Birthday Party in Oakville

11 DEC 2012
Career Path : Food and Catering

Whether it’s a first birthday or your hundredth, Oakville, Ontario holds lots of potential for hosting a fantastic even. Located thirty minutes from Downtown Toronto, it’s eminently accessible for guests outside the community, with lots of venue choices. Whether a major event taking full scale banquet catering in Oakville, or a tiny affair in your own backyard, guests will be amazed you found everything you needed without leaving the community.


Choosing the Cake

The centrepiece to a successful birthday is the cake you select, and in Oakville it can be as elaborate or simple as you like. If you don’t bake one at home, take the time to research bakeries and catering services in Oakville. You’ll be able to find everything from gluten free and vegan, to traditional buttercream treats, delivered just in time to your party.


Gift Shopping and Decorations

The community has many charming little shops and boutiques, but for residents, especially hard to shop for ones, a gift certificate for an Oakville restaurant lets the celebrations continue beyond the birthday. If you rent a hall, they may supply the decorations alongside the seating, music and entertainment and banquet catering in Oakville. The latter is a specialty, with many eating establishments and kitchens having over a quarter century or more of experience in satisfying guests.


Picking a Location

If you don’t hold it at home, your next option is an Oakville restaurant. Many take advantage of the lakeside location of this Toronto suburb, with the community hemming lake Ontario. You may even want to take picnic baskets and rent a sail boat to take your guests out into the waters of Oakville harbour, or apply for a permit to have the party in one of Oakville’s many parks, including the eponymous Oakville Park or somewhere else in their 1420 heactares of parkland. If the weather isn’t outdoor friendly, many large and small venue spaces also offer rentals, though whether you decide to take space in the popular Queen Elizabeth Park, Community and Cultural centre or a privately owned hall, be sure to make your reservation in advance. You won’t be the only person trying to celebrate in Oakville.



If you chose a restaurant or are having a small occasion, you won’t have to think hard about what to eat. At home, you can make your own food with fresh produce from one of Oakville’s many farmer’s markets, including organic focused Harbourside Organic Farmers Market. On the other hand, for a big event you want to look into banquet catering in Oakville. When you’re sampling dishes, you can also get an idea of caterer’s abilities by looking at past work, for example with the Oakville Waterfront Festival or Oakville Jazz Festival. If you’re a regular at the sort of event you may already have their best dishes memorized, streamlining which to pick.



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