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Become a Part of the Cruise Line Business

3 JAN 2013
Career Path : Cruise Line

When it comes to travelling in luxury, it’s hard to top a cruise. From the giant ships offering every kind of service under the sun, to the exotic locales that travelers visit every day, the experience is one of the best in the world of travel and leisure. Why not be part of it all, with a Hospitality Cruise Diploma Program?

Designed to teach students all they need to create cruise holidays for clients, Hospitality Cruise Diploma Programs are comprehensive in nature, but also intensive. In approximately 26 weeks or 600 hours, students can go from the classroom to a full-time job. Instruction is 3 days a week, and classes are offered in the morning and in the afternoon. Teachers are typically very experienced, and have a lot of knowledge of the cruise line business. Students are encouraged to ask questions in the classroom setting to further their knowledge of the hospitality field.

Hospitality Cruise Diploma Programs obviously focus on the cruise line side of the tourism business, but students also learn basic skills that apply to any tourism-related job. Courses typically cover the following topics:

  • Cruise line operations management
  • Cruise lines international association (CLIA) certification
  • Basics of hospitality marketing and finance
  • Basics of guest services
  • Communication skills
  • Management and operations of the international hospitality business
  • Eco tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • BASICS.fst Food Safety Training Certificate

For top students, there’s an opportunity to do a 160-hour internship. This internship gives Hospitality Cruise Diploma Program students the chance to get some hands-on experience in the field, and to build important contacts. For students who are interested in continuing their studies, many programs allow graduates to take supplementary courses in order to also acquire a Hospitality and Resort Management Diploma.

Included in many cruise line diplomas are “WorldHost” certificate courses. These courses teach students the nuances of customer interactions, to ensure that the customer’s needs are always satisfied in the most professional manner possible. There are five “WorldHost” certificates covered in most Hospitality Cruise Diploma Programs:

  • WorldHost – Fundamentals
  • WorldHost – Service Across Cultures Certificate
  • WorldHost – Sales Powered By Service
  • WorldHost – Solving Problems Through Service
  • WorldHost – Japanese Service Expectations

If the idea of working with cruise lines interests you, and you want an exciting job in hospitality management, consider enrolling in a Hospitality Cruise Diploma Program. I just might be the career move that will bring your life to the next level.

Contact the Canadian Tourism College (CTC) for more information on their Hospitality Cruise Diploma Program.