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Parajet SkyRunner All-Terrain Flying Car

24 FEB 2014

We’ve all thought about it – the flying car. It was something the Jetsons promised us way back in the 1960s, but year after year, we never got it. Eventually we started to think that we were lied to, we’d never get a flying car. However, all of your fears of being tricked can now be put to rest thanks to the Parajet SkyRunner. Essentially, it’s a flying ATV. It’s like your own personal flying car, and it looks pretty incredible. With an innovative paraglider wing and a massive propeller, this thing can achieve lift-off and you can deftly control its pitch and roll. It’s an extremely beautiful looking craft, and it’s even a beast in its normal ATV mode. Check out this awesome blog post by Automotive Training Centre that gets under the hood of the SkyRunner and tells you how you can make your wildest flying dreams come true.

“Yep, this is the question on everybody’s mind, and it might surprise you that it’s actually not that hard or expensive to own one. It’s not quite market ready yet, and the company will selling them in limited amounts, but the SkyRunner retails for around  $119,000 USD, and is expected to drop early next year. However, you will need a sport pilot’s license to operate in all of its flying car glory, so keep that in mind!

In all honesty though, to be cruising around the beautiful blue skies in your own private flying car, $119,000 isn’t that much to ask.”