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Entertainment Industry Fueled by Sound

3 OCT 2012 | CAREER PATH: Sound Design
Those beautiful, haunting melodies that play mid-film don’t create themselves. Nor do the jangles that introduce your favorite animation films and cartoons. Honed audio training is responsible for the recording, and even possibly the creation of your favorite music. If you are musically talented, ... Read More >>

Getting Your Film Production Funded in Canada

24 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Audio Engineering
Step one: apply to the film production school of your choice. Step two: successfully complete your program. Step three: make your own film. Whoa, wait a second! How exactly does one get from step one to step three? Traditionally, in the world of Canadian film, this is accomplished through public sec... Read More >>

Take Your Talent Up a Notch

18 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Arts and Entertainment
There’s more to the entertainment industry than ... Read More >>

Music Recording Grads Make Soundtracks for Film, TV, Games and… Cruise Ships?

18 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Arts and Entertainment
Some movies are famous for their soundtracks: Dirt... Read More >>

5 Industries You Can Work in After Audio Engineering Training

18 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Audio Engineering
Everyone who enrolls in audio engineering school h... Read More >>

Keepin’ It Clean On and Off Board – Sweepers and Other Airline Equipment

18 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Aviation
Look for these pieces of ground service equipment ... Read More >>