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Packing Tips for Going Off to College

13 AUG 2014

Packing Tips for Going Off to CollegeAs if going off to college wasn’t already stressful, having to pack up your life and move it into a dorm room or apartment for the first time can be downright madness. What should you bring? What you should leave? What if you forget something important? No need to panic! As part of our school news and college news, here are a few packing tips to help you prepare for college.

Make a list

Don’t know what to pack? Stumped already? Start by putting together a list. This exercise will get you to think about what you really use in your day-to-day life and what you don’t need. You can divide your list in multiple columns, such as clothes, electronics, dinnerware, etc. The list will also make you feel more in control, and if you cross out each item as you pack, you’ll avoid leave something important behind.

Don’t overpack!

You don’t need to bring everything you own with you. Believe it or not, having less is something better than having more. It will make the packing, moving and unpacking process much smoother, and your new life will be less cluttered. So how do you decide what to bring and what to leave out? It’s simple! Start by packing the absolute minimum, then see how much space you have left. You can then allow yourself to bring a few extra items.

Talk to your future roommates

Do you already know who you will be living with? Great! Make sure you coordinate with them about the items each of you will be bringing. Some appliances, like a coffee maker, can be shared, so you don’t need three of those! This will make packing easier and lighter for you, as may end up leaving behind things you would have brought otherwise. Coordinating with your roommates is a great way to save time and energy.

Bring a toolkit

Don’t think you’ll need it? Trust us, this will come in handy! A toolkit that contains a screwdriver, removable adhesive strips, a wrench and more can be a life saver when it comes to tightening things up around the house. With a basic set of tools, you’ll be able to handle any repairs that come your way. If you’ve never repaired anything before, there are plenty of educational articles online that can teach you how to use your tools.

Plan your clothes in advance

Before packing your clothes, think of your next visit home. Will you be coming back for Thanksgiving? Christmas? Maybe you won’t need your winter gear until then. If that’s the case, then there’s no point in bringing it with you. When you visit home again, you’ll get a chance to bring new clothes that are more season-appropriate.