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What To Pack To Study Abroad In Italy

10 OCT 2013
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If you want to study abroad in Italy, chances are you know it’s going to take a lot of planning Between applications and booking tickets, don’t forget the simple and essential step of figuring out what to pack!

 Make a Packing Plan

Know what you are working with. Traveling to Italy is not the same as driving a small U-Haul right up to your dorm room or off campus apartment.  Everything must fit within both your large bag that you check in and the small carryon, that’s it!

So let’s begin by being strategic about what not to bring.  The first rule is to not over pack.   Purchase your toiletries in Italy.  Leave magazines, books, DVDs or CDs, because every inch of space is precious.  Any electronic items or electrical items, including curling irons or straighteners should be left behind because the voltage in Italy is different than the United States. Instead invest in those items in Italy.

Carryon Luggage

The essentials that should be included in your carry-on luggage are certainly all medications, contact lens cases and glasses.  For your medication write a note indicating “for health-emergencies” on it.  Create compartments within the carry-on so that you can access your luggage keys, traveler’s checks and any other significant items or valuables quickly.  By the way, keep the truly valuable items and jewelry back home.  You will be heartbroken if you lost them while over in Italy.

If you have a laptop computer or tablet either try to pack it or hold it on your lap during the flight. Also double check with your airline about any items that are prohibited to carry on the flight.

Travel Documents

You should attempt to carry your travel documents, address of your destination as well as your passport on your person, and a photocopy of the documents in your carry-on luggage as a backup.

Packing Large Carry-On

Know the weather and pack accordingly.  Understand the dos and don’ts and customs of the area where the university is located when you study abroad in Italy.  Bring a change of formal wear just in case you will be visiting churches, special events and activities where wearing shorts and flip flops are totally prohibited.  Bring a couple pair of comfortable shoes since in you will be doing a considerable amount of walking, even if you plan to rent or purchase a used bike for transportation. Universities in Italy are going to encourage you to get out and about from day one.

Now you are ready for your great educational adventure of study abroad in Italy!  It is going to be a promising time of excitement, scenery that dates back hundreds of years and beautiful architecture. Be prepared is always the wisest approach to launching your trip, so before closing the door on packing, mark off everything and finalize  your packing checklist.

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