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Outlook on the Hospitality Industry in Canada

27 DEC 2013


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The hospitality industry is an industry in which many businesses struggle to keep up with the shifting demands and trends. This week’s blog post from AOLCC Alberta takes a look at shifts in the industry and offers businesses suggestions on how they can keep up with the demands, particularly when the economy is not as stable and for the most part families are spending less money.

When hospitality works great no one notices, however when experiences go badly everyone notices, or so it seems in the hospitality industry. With the client base within the hospitality industry in Canada constantly fluctuating, businesses such as hotels are constantly trying to build a solid loyal base with the clients by offering rewards and incentives in order for current clients to remain so. This fluctuation in numbers is primarily due to individuals having less discretionary income to use on luxuries such as holidays, meaning that fewer people are travelling.

As a result of the changes in the economy and less spending on perceived luxuries such as holidays means that when clients do spend their income on travel they are more discerning with their tastes and have higher standards and expectations in the services received.

This has resulted in businesses in the hospitality industry working much harder to not only attract clients, but to retain the ones that they currently have. Though how have businesses shifted their strategies in order to attract a solid client base when in the current economic climate vacations have become a luxury and not a yearly tradition for many families?

Lastly, in order to keep up with the economy as well as attract more clients, businesses within the hospitality industry have to work much harder to attract clients as well as retain the ones that they currently have. This has become increasingly difficult since clients have increasingly high expectations on the services that they receive with tastes that are more luxury oriented.