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Outdoor Sales Strategy

15 JAN 2013
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A lot of sales take place on the street. Donation solicitations, buskers performing, vendors, food carts and door to door sales all abandon shop fronts to interact directly with people. Most municipalities put restrictions on this, to prevent the streets from getting crammed with people taking advantage of the walk through traffic and low overhead, but with the proper licencing you can get lots of fresh air while

Types of Businesses

Becoming a street vendor is a tough career, but it can be a very rewarding sort of seasonal or year round career depending on your local climate. You’ll need to cart your entire stock to and from wherever you have your favourite sales spot, and you may not be able to take much in the way of breaks because you’€™ll have no replacement and no way to lock up your wares. Alternatively if you have a musical or artistic talent you could busk, act, do tricks or create street art for money. Pay will be by donation, but you can make a very comfortable amount of money just by putting out a hat, and even more if you pay attention to your sales techniques. Alternatively you can drive a food truck or push a barrow and bring tasty delights to customers. Many restaurants get their start by serving out of a window until you gain a loyal following. Lastly a plethora of things can be sold door-to-door, either on your own or through an external company’€™s program.

Approaching People

Opening and attracting clients can be the hardest part of any sales job. On the street you need to not only make yourself appear open, but also sometimes make an approach yourself. This will be a number game, with many false starts, but you will need to keep up your confidence. Building your sales strategy means learning what your client wants and how best to target them. One thing you’€™ll need to establish is the idea that you fit into an area. Whether convincing tourists to buy your handmade bracelets, or reminding the people whose doorbell that you ring that you are neighbours, it will go much easier if contact is less abrupt. If you’€™re still too nervous, look into some sales training courses.

Growing Your Business

If it takes off, even on the street, you’€™re going to want to add more staff to your business. At this point you’€™ll probably be helped by a central headquarters for meetings, and you’re going to move into the territory of learning to do sales management. The same confidence and patience you had to learn with your own work will need to be conveyed with your staff. If they’€™re not very experienced, be ready for regular check-ins.

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