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Organizing The Road: Becoming A Dispatcher

10 JUL 2012
Career Path : Automotive

The manufacturing industry would be nothing without the complex network of trucks and drivers who move goods and products across vast lengths of highway. However, the trucking game relies on equally important personnel to help organize and monitor their day to day business: the dispatcher.

Dispatching is crucial to ensuring the flow of the vehicles and the goods they carry. They help plan the optimal routes, keep records of transportation activity, monitor pickups and deliveries of freight, organize pickup and drop-off schedules, and relay communications among drivers and the companies they work for. It’s a career that requires many skills due to the high amounts of responsibility required. So how does one attain the necessary experience to become a dispatcher?

Many training schools offer programs in the transportation industry, among them courses in becoming a dispatcher. One should not expect a traditional style of class when thinking about this type of training. As much can be learned in a real dispatching centre than in a classroom, and a good program should have an equal emphasis on both. Also, because dispatchers do not have their training in purely academic and class-based settings, the instructors should all have real-life experience working as dispatchers, working with truckers, manufacturers and warehouses. This kind of background is excellent when passing on the education as well as the experience of what it’s like working with the people behind the wheel.

A dispatcher has many responsibilities, and a comprehensive dispatcher training program should offer the student a broad overview of them all. With a general knowledge, a prospective student can then choose to concentrate on a specific area that best suits their career goals. Some varying roles of the dispatcher include: local dispatcher, highway dispatcher, load planner, and log book auditor. Be sure to select a school that understands the importance of having this variety of dispatcher courses.

Getting a diploma to become a dispatcher requires that first step of choosing the right training centre for you. Whether attending classes or studying online to learn the basics, a good training program depends on the years of hands-on knowledge of experienced teachers. A great training course, however, takes the students out of the class and into the real world. Can you imagine the problems facing the trucking industry if their dispatchers were equipped with nothing more than textbooks and headsets?

Despite the prevalence of computers, the internet, and the world wide web in today’s changing industries, people will always need real, quality, manufactured goods delivered to their homes and communities. And all those tireless makers and movers would have a difficult time satisfying our consumer needs without the dedicated expertise of trained and qualified dispatchers. That is why any good institute for automotive careers must have an excellent program for a profession in dispatching.

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