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Exciting Opportunities as a Truck and Bus Mechanic

21 JAN 2014
Career Path : Mechanic

Truck and bus mechanics are in great demand. To get to you, that package from Amazon has ridden in many ships, trucks, and vans. Trucks and busses are powered by expensive diesel engines, which need to be expertly maintained by professional mechanics. Diesel Engine Specialist is a unique skill that is best learned in bus, truck, and auto mechanic courses at a vocational school.

Green Technology

The green economy has created new diesel mechanic specialties. New technologies to control emissions have been invented. New alternative fuels that substitute for diesel fuel are being introduced. It is an exciting career with much innovation and new technology.


In addition to a high school diploma, diesel mechanics need formal training at a college or vocational school. Employers prefer mechanics that have completed an apprenticeship or received certification from a vocational training program. In a vocational school you earn while you learn, and specialize in a specific engine or work on a wide variety of engines.

Alternative Schools

The big emerging sector in schools is alternative fuels. No one in the industry is quite certain where green technology is going. The only thing they are certain of is that it has started already. Engines are being run on natural gas, hydrogen, cooking oil, and fuel brewed from organic waste. Each fuel presents different problems. Maintaining engines using alternative fuels requires frequent maintenance, keen observation, and constant monitoring.

Good Working Conditions

Bus and truck mechanics work in well-lit, well-ventilated shops that can sometimes be greasy and noisy. Most work a regular 40-hour week. Sometimes mechanics travel to repair vehicles that have broken down on the road. The working conditions on a fleet sight are very professional.

Mechanics are Proactive

If you prefer hands-on work, like problem solving, and enjoy working with tools, this would be a good career for you. Fleet operators are very proactive in fleet maintenance and the work is generally well organized and scheduled. Fleet trucks rely on preventative maintenance to keep them in good condition. Every country in the world relies on diesel engines so work is available anywhere you choose to live.

Good Wages

Median wage for a Diesel Engine Specialist in California is $50,000 per year. Mechanics receive full benefit packages including medical and vacation. The job outlook is strong. Automobile manufacturers are introducing quiet thrifty new diesel engines to their product lines. This trend enhances the prospects for mechanics with diesel auto technician training.

Advanced Training

Once on the job, your employer might send you to special training classes offered by manufacturers. In order to meet emission requirements, engines are often retrofitted with newer pollution controls that must be expertly installed. Older subsystems are sometimes replaced with newer electronic controls that function more efficiently. Learning these new components at a factory school makes you even more valuable.

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