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Opportunities for Online Video Careers

8 APR 2014

In the olden days of the internet, streaming video or even just digital video in general was seen as nothing more than a cute gimmick. It was terrible quality, it lagged horribly, and it was generally inaccessible to most people who were still on low-speed, dial-up modems. In short, it just wasn’t very good. Well, flash forward to 2014 and not only are services like Netflix slowly making cable and satellite television obsolete, but people are embarking on entire careers based on doing online videos on sites like YouTube. There is a wealth of examples of everyday people taking to the internet to show their skills off by creating online videos, and then subsequently being able to base an entire career off of a YouTube channel, or having their videos propel them to celebrity by helping them get their foot in the door with bigger players. Check out this great blog post by Trebas Institute to discover the wealth of opportunities for online video careers.

“If you fancy yourself a jokester, prankster, or otherwise all around funny person, then getting some friends together and filming some sketch comedy or stand-up is a great way to start building an online video career. With the skills you can learn in film production programs, you’ll have no problem crafting great quality videos. Comedy troupes such as Halifax’s now defunct Picnicface – who recently released a full-length independent feature film called Roller Town – got their start uploading skits and videos to YouTube.

 They eventually attracted the attention of big comedy sites like CollegeHumour and began to enjoy a great amount of internet fame from their Powerthirst video.”