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Ontario Increasing Support for People With Physical and Mental Illness

3 MAR 2014

Despite the forward-thinking nature of healthcare, there are still parts of the healthcare system that need improvement. One of the most pressing issues facing the health of Canadians today is that of mental health, and it’s such an immense and pressing issue largely because of the stigma that’s associated with mental health issues. People are less willing to admit to suffering from mental illness, and even less willing to seek help for it for fear of being ostracised. The Ontario government is hoping to change that with the Medical Psychiatry Alliance, a new program developed by the government as part of its Action Plan for Health Care. This will serve to provide better care to those with mental illness, as well as increasing the amount of training programs for personal support workers. Check out this blog by the Canadian Academy of Dental Health for more information on the plan and what it means for the future.

“According to the Ontario government, the initiative plans to “support people across the province over the next six years by:

–          Developing new screening and diagnostic tools to ensure patients are properly diagnosed.

–          Ensuring physical and mental illnesses are treated simultaneously so patients and their families receive the best care available.

–          Developing specialized clinical training for medical students focused on the management of co-occurring physical and mental illness.

–          Creating a simulation centre for students and professionals to learn and test new approaches to treating physical and mental illness using actor patients in realistic scenarios.”

And much more.”