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Getting to Know the Antwerp Six

13 JUL 2012 | CAREER PATH: Online Shopping
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Belgian geography and European fashion movements, the Antwerp Six sounds like the name of a sci-fi squad right about to launch into space. Despite the members of the infamous crew being planted firmly on earth, their combined talents are out of this world. Th... Read More >>

A Fashion Saga: Wouters and Frieling Join Dries van Noten’s List of Collaborators

29 JUN 2012 | CAREER PATH: Online Shopping
Earlier this week I posted an article on Dries van Noten’s collaboration with photographer James Reeve. Today I want to extend that piece by taking a look at another outstanding collaborative project van Noten did with the typographer Job Wouters (also known as Letman) and visual artist Gijs Friel... Read More >>

The Artists That Influence Artists

13 JUN 2012 | CAREER PATH: Business
  There is something very telling about the i... Read More >>