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The Oakville Restaurant Scene Bolstered by Vibrant Local Foodie Culture

20 NOV 2012
Career Path : Food and Catering

What is the foodie culture of Oakville? Is there access to foodie literature? Are there cooking classes and tasting evenings? How, one might ask, is the Oakville restaurant scene affected by its proximity to Toronto, or by the increasingly diverse ethnic makeup of the community? What follows is one writer’s attempt to answer these questions.


1. Fiction for Foodies section at the library

Knowing how to cater to all readers, including those with a special interest in cookbooks and other artifacts of foodie culture, is part of the job of being a librarian, a task that has been embraced by the librarians at the public library system in Oakville. Restaurant-goers and home cooks alike are encouraged to feast on a selection of “Fiction for Foodies,” which features such titles as:

– Pomegranate Soup, A Novel

– Comfort Food

– Deep Dish

– State of the Onion


One wonders whether this kind of reading makes the users of the public libraries more discerning patrons of the Oakville restaurant scene. Could be an interesting topic for debate at one of the libraries event evenings, which brings us to our next topic…


2. Foodie Events

Gourmet cooking is not the sole domain of the many professional chefs employed at the restaurants and catering services in Oakville and the surrounding region. The area is also graced with cooking classes for amateur foodies interested in learning how to cook like a pro.


The Oakville restaurant scene also has a twice-annual event called “A Taste of Downtown Oakville” where different establishments offer a prix-fixe menu. The fact that competing restaurants feel comfortable cooperating in this manner suggests a high level of confidence about the quality of their own services.


3. A Dose of Competition

The Oakville restaurant scene is competing for customers with Canada’s biggest metropolis, Toronto. Catering services in Oakville that specialize in the wedding market, for example, know that their potential customers may be checking our similar services across the Greater Toronto Area. For some, this may be daunting; for others, it may be an inspiration to provide the freshest, whole-food ingredients and to keep up with – or even set – the latest trends.


4. Cultural Diversity

Anyone who embarks on a career in banquet catering in Oakville must understand their market, which, by some accounts, is becoming increasingly diverse, a fact that becomes all the more relevant when one remembers that competitor Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Restaurants and catering services in Oakville must challenge themselves to find ways to attract and retain customers from a range of backgrounds.


If the aforementioned “A Taste of Downtown Oakville” restaurant festival is any indicator, then the city’s restaurants are already quite diverse, ranging from Italian to Thai to South African.


So there you have it, one author’s musings on how the foodie culture of a place may impact its restaurant or catering services. In Oakville, many factors are at play, including easy access to information, activities, Toronto, and the food of many cultures.



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