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Nursing College is Ideal for Career Searchers

20 NOV 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

More and more people are going green. They are more concerned about being environmentally friendly, eating organically and treating their ailments naturally. People are treating their minds and bodies better. Pregnant mothers want to deliver their babies naturally, free of epidurals or unnecessary C-sections. Giving birth in such a way often calls for the necessity of a midwife. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough midwifing professionals to go around.


Midwives are healthcare specialists that specialize in low-risk baby delivery. They practice non-invasive techniques that are proven to result in reduced delivery mortality rates, especially when dealing with more complicated births (ex. breeching). They help mothers through pregnancy, delivery, birth and postnatal care. The care of a midwife will allow the mother to give birth naturally, in a way that is not invasive to either the mother or her child. In fact, allowing a woman to give birth naturally actually decreases the risks associated with childbirth. Of course, in the case of a high-risk births or pregnancies, midwives will surrender their patient’s care to an obstetrician. If the life of the mother or baby is at risk, artificial means of childbirth can be introduced as an absolute precaution.


An especially favorable choice for new mothers, midwives can provide personalized and familiar care, and help with any problems that may arise, even after the baby is born. The midwife’s familiarity with her patients makes her the best candidate to diagnose what both the mother and the baby need, much like a professional nurse does for his/her charges.


While the majority of midwives are female, it is a practice that is open to both sexes. It is also a career that is experiencing a surge in demand. Due to the shortage of qualified midwives, unwilling women are being forced to deliver in hospitals despite what their personal choices maybe. Midwifing serves as a perfect example as yet another medical field that requires more working and qualified professionals. While it is only one of the many careers that await those that have completed nursing school, it also brings to light a very important point – that there is a shortage of qualified medical professionals in the country today. With the proper training, nursing students can look forward to any number of jobs once they have completed their studies. Additionally, there is a shortage in almost every field, making students with nursing backgrounds very valuable, regardless of what field they choose to specialize in once they have completed nursing college.


Choosing a career today can be difficult. There are so many fields to choose from, but very few of these jobs offer very little stability. Nursing is one of the few jobs today that can guarantee both a substantial salary and consistent employment. It is also one of the only jobs in the world today that truly has the ability to change the course of someone’s life.


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