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Between Numbers and People: Accounting and Payroll Administration

14 AUG 2012
Career Path : Accounting

When thinking about careers, are you divided between wanting to work with people and be a team-leader on one hand, but are also interested in mastering computer applications and crunching numbers on the other hand? Nowadays, the demand for highly-trained and competent people to administer the accounting and payroll departments of business is greater than ever. These employment opportunities put the individual squarely within the company’s heart and soul: its employees and its finances. Jobs in this field give you responsibilities ranging from managing the company’s money to taking care of the employees’ salaries. You are essentially the link between the numbers and the people.


The best way to begin looking for work as an accountant or as a payroll administrator is to gain a comprehensive knowledge of all of today’s many software programs used in the business world. Proper training will take you through the more complicated ins-and-outs of such programs as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, as well as other more specific programs designed to manage accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, financial analysis and control, and more. While one may try and learn these programs all alone, the aspiring employee can benefit greatly from enrolling in an educational institution.


The accountant is essentially the communicative centre that bridges many different departments of a company, from the financial statements and economic resources, to sales and purchasing, and finally relaying information to the managers and shareholders. Accounting courses are generally offered in all kinds of settings from trade schools to universities. One advantage of attending a non-university institution is the emphasis the trade school puts on real-life hands-on experience.  Such a school focuses on readying the student for the professional world as expediently as possible, and will often have connections to companies and assistance in landing that first job as an accountant.


Acquiring payroll training from a trade school has the same advantages as studying to become an accountant: more of a direct fast-tracking into the professional world. Payroll itself is often seen as one of the most important branches of the accounting department. It is the joint activity and information of dealing with the hours and salaries of workers, wages, bonuses and deductions. Payroll must also have a keen grasping of how salary taxes function. Payroll may sound like a simple number-crunching game but in fact a payroll administrator has to have great relationships with the company’s managers and employees.


Employment in these departments can offer you a challenging job because of its multifaceted responsibilities. It is also quite rewarding in terms of overcoming these challenges by finding new and creative solutions. Salaries for accounting and payroll workers are extremely competitive, ranging up to $54 an hours. If you think you deserve to earn such a competitive salary and know how to equally manage people and control the numbers, then look into taking a training program for this professionally-crucial role.


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