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Non-Sale Job Training For Social Butterflies

17 JAN 2013
Career Path : Administration

You probably know the standard fare of sales, marketing or customer service, but if you’re looking for training that’ll get you working with the public and use your social talents without needing you to push a product, there’s more out there to explore. Many booming sectors and categories need people who excel at interpersonal relations. It would be impossible to cover everything, but there are lots to look into, from real estate support careers to healthcare diploma programs.


Real Estate and Housing

You probably know about the role of the real estate agent in the sale of a house, but selling a property is not the only people focused job. Skilled trades related to maintaining a home, as well as being ideal for those who don’t want to spend their careers behind a desk, also mean daily interactions with all sorts of other people. That is true whether you’re handling a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night or working to put in new electrical wiring with an interior designer. And careers don’t stop there, with insurance and home inspection programs preparing you for the day to day work assuring home owners of their ongoing safety. You’ll meet all sorts of people as you visit their residences and consult on the strength and sturdiness of their repairs and renovations.



A nurturing personality compliments great patience and enjoyment with working with the public, if you choose to train for a career in healthcare. From nursing aid to medical office assistant, you’ll be helping people heal. Not everyone you deal with will be at their best, so if you have a knack for never taking things personally and can always bring a kind word to say about everyone, you could consider looking into healthcare diploma programs.


Office Administrator

Another field that requires constant communication is office administration. As the clerical scaffold that keeps company functioning, much of your job will be forging interdepartmental links. To do this, you’ll be constantly helping people connect, taking the minutes at meeting to streamline them, working with executives to transmit their vision inside and outside the company and many more activities. Even comparatively less social activities like filing and achieves will demand patience with people, as you will become the gatekeeper of information. In addition to the material you cover in your office administration programs you will draw upon your easy going attitude and dynamic presentation to help grow your career.


Regardless of what you pick, as a people person and an extravert, you can be confident that once you finish your studies, the interview will be a snap and you’ll be employed in no time.



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