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How to Network Effectively as a Business Professional

23 JAN 2015
Career Path : Administration

Business People Working In A Conference Room

These days, more and more business professionals are looking for ways that they can jumpstart their careers. While networking has always played a crucial role in the business world, becoming successful at it can be challenging if you don’t know how the process works. Here are some sure-fire ways to begin networking in a meaningful way.

Attend Lectures and Conferences

Attending lectures and conferences is a wonderful way to network effectively. These events tend to be populated by other individuals who are interested in working within your field or learning more about it. Thus, such occasions present professionals with a plethora of opportunities to connect with potential business partners. To ensure that you get the most out of each lecture and conference you attend, it’s a good idea to bring your business card and resume with you.

Participate in Social Media

As many internet marketing experts know, social media has become an incredibly powerful realm in which to do business. Since the business world actually involves an amalgam of socialization and the exchange of goods or services, social media is the perfect setting for business professionals to effectively network and further their careers. To get started, simply open free accounts with channels like Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to include an attractive yet conservative photo of yourself in your profile, and engage prospective clients and/or business partners that you come across online – or contacts you’ve made at industry events.  The business world and social media plane also converge perfectly with sites such as LinkedIn.

Enroll in Ongoing Professional Development

If you’re serious about learning how to network effectively as a business professional, it’s important to see the benefits of enrolling in ongoing educational courses. Business people want to have partners and associates who are internally motivated to operate in excellence and remain at the cutting edge of their field. Enrolling in ongoing educational courses empowers you to do these very things, as well as stay up to date with current trends taught in schools. There are several educational options that you can pursue, including getting an online business degree. Many business professionals opt to earn an online MBA, because doing so gives them the freedom to continue working a traditional job as they expand their skill set and knowledge base. Plus, heading back to school offers professionals even more opportunities to network with fellow students, professors, and industry insiders.

Resist the Comfort Zone

For many professionals, successful networking means pushing past shyness and getting used to making the first move. Whether online or in person, one must venture out of a habitual comfort zone in order to make genuine connections with other professionals. A tried and tested technique is to ask for some expert advice, or share your own insights while in conversation with a new contact.

How to do you cultivate a thriving network of professional contacts?