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The Need for Your Business to Be Online

18 MAR 2013
Career Path : Administration

Assessing and refining a company’s web presence is particularly important if they are based in, and provide most of their services or products to a large city like Toronto. Because of this, companies are either having to hire people in house to manage this aspect of their marketing and communications, usually someone with a degree in either specialization or at least one someone who has taken at least one web design course in Toronto or elsewhere. Sometimes, especially if it’s not enough full time work for one person, they will outsource it to an external company with experience in this sort of thing.


With the growth of the internet and a web connection in virtually every home in Toronto, most companies, even small family owned business have an online presence of some sort. This is thanks to a plethora of directory websites, and multiple, competing online mapping services. Even the business directory that is normally part of a phone book is facing stiff competition from similar online services. Furthermore, individual brands, products and companies often end up with a social media presence and maybe even a blog.


This can be through 140 character update social media platforms, or a fan page. Regardless, someone has to update these if the company is going to maintain a presence through these services. For a small business owner in a restaurant, café or retail establishment, it often makes sense for the owner to add this to their otherwise extensive list of responsibilities, as this is usually appealing to customers to feel that the company is an integrated part of a community. On a larger scale, the company may also feel the need to have a web page.


The company’s web page might be created by a professional web designer, but the maintenance may be handled by whomever the company’s general computer support and installation, for example a graduate of IT courses in Toronto. The web page itself might be made from a template or a completely custom piece of design work. The most minimal information the page needs is contact information for the company, and a general idea of what the company does. It’s also a good chance to add some sales information and promote the goods or services the company offers. Some companies even have an online retail section. Even major search engines offer inexpensive merchandise though their website as a form of promotions. If the website is a key part of the company’s strategy, they might even hire a specialist to maintain just that aspect of the business.


Going online is so important to a company’s marketing, that it’s now standard fare in a business administration college in Toronto. Students learn all about online marketing, both the general internet and the mobile web.



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