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Five Must-Do’s Before You Graduate From Accounting Training

26 MAR 2012
Career Path : Accounting

Are you in your final year of accounting training? There are some steps that you can take to ease your transition into the working world after graduation.

Start gathering professional contacts

Make sure that you have a way to get in touch with the other students from your accounting training program after graduation. Staying in touch can be mutually beneficial, helping you to find work throughout your career.

Some graduates of accounting training stay in touch after graduation with monthly outings. If your college is not one of the accounting schools that offers this kind of program, consider organizing one yourself.

Write your CV

The best time to write your CV is while you are still in accounting training. Many accounting schools have job placement services that will help you revise your CV so that you are more attractive to prospective employers.

It’s also a good idea to ask a trusted teacher to review your CV, which leads us to our next point…

Find a mentor

Interviewing can be hard. Identify a mentor who will help you understand what it is that prospective employers are looking for in graduates of accounting training.

Ask a teacher from your accounting training if they will advise you on such issues as:

  • preparing for an interview
  • dressing for an interview
  • negotiating a starting salary
  • fitting into the workplace after accounting training

Join a professional organization

Start networking with professionals while you are still pursuing accounting training. It will give you a sense of what kind of organizations are out there. Remember, you are evaluating prospective employers just as much as they are evaluating them. Interacting with accounting professionals on an informal level will help you find your place in the working world.

Plan a graduation party

Life is short, it’s important to mark milestones! Many accounting schools encourage students to organize end-of-certificate parties.

Party ideas for new graduates of accounting training include:

  • po’ boys – this classic Southern sandwich can be made even more frugal by serving a vegetarian version made with tempeh
  • napkins and table runners printed out to look like tax forms and T4s
  • chocolate coins as party favours
  • tax trivia games
  • piggy banks as decorations
  • paper money confetti
  • vinho verde
  • money-themed music (Can’t Buy Me Love; Money, Money, Money)

Graduation is almost upon you. It’s important to concentrate on your studies, but not at the expense of everything else. Putting a little thought now into building your professional life will serve you well after accounting training.