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Music Recording Grads Make Soundtracks for Film, TV, Games and… Cruise Ships?

18 SEP 2012
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Some movies are famous for their soundtracks: Dirty Dancing, Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, etc. Everybody knows that. But not everybody knows that soundtracks are not the sole domain of films or TV shows. The same music recording expertise is also required in other industries, including video gaming and cruise ships. If you are taking music production training, then here are three career paths to consider.

Make Soundtracks for Film and TV

Making soundtracks for film and TV after music production school can mean different things. It can involve producing sound effects. It can involve music recording (i.e., producing an original score). It can mean applying music production training to dialogue. Or it can mean choosing the pre-recorded songs that play in the film or show.

In some cases, the soundtrack for a film or TV show is actually a marketing tool, released before the film or TV show is. It is a means of creating buzz. In music production school, students may want to learn some of the business aspects of making a soundtrack. How, for example, does one negotiate with a record label? In some cases, song choice can be guided by business affiliations: it may be easier to release a soundtrack with artists who all belong to the same label.

When choosing music for a film of TV show, music recording grads can expect to work with the director, composer or music director to choose songs and assign them an order.

Students in music production school can expect to learn some interesting facts. For instance, did you know that movie trailers frequently are produced and released before the movie’s soundtrack is ready? This means that songs that are used in trailers sometimes don’t even appear in the movie. But, as some music recording professionals can tell you, if a song that was used only in the trailer is well received by the audience, it can sometimes be included in the soundtrack. These are just some of the industry secrets that you might stumble across in music production training.

Make Soundtracks for Video Games

As is taught in music production school, making soundtracks for video games is a lot like making soundtracks for TV or film. In fact, many videogames have accompanying soundtracks that are sold as full length records, just like movies or TV shows.

Make Soundtracks for Cruise Ships

Some graduates of music recording school go on to find employment on cruise ships, where they may produce soundtracks to enhance the on-board atmosphere, that may even be packaged as a souvenir for travelers to take home. Some cruise ships even employ graduates of music production training to help produce original theatrical musicals. And some cruise ships use what is called semi-live music, which is a mix of live music with some pre-recorded enhancements.

Music production training can take students into a variety of industries. It’s up to them to choose which one.


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