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Best Museums in the Chicago Area

18 MAR 2014

When it comes to arts and culture, Chicago sometimes seems to have a monopoly – the fair city is teeming with amazing restaurants, great musical venues and some of the most inspiring artists working in their respective fields today. This has contributed vastly to Chicago’s amazing amount of incredible museums, making it a popular destination for all manner of art enthusiasts. In Chicago, it’s almost like there’s a museum for anything you could possibly think of. While it houses many classic art galleries and museums featuring items of antiquity, it wouldn’t be Chicago if there weren’t crazy, off-the-wall museums like one featuring only stained glass hangings, or an exceptionally large and beautiful aquarium. Shimer College has a great new blog post up that discusses what they believe to be the best museums in Chicago, so be sure to check it out!

The Shedd Aquarium

Are you a fan of the brilliant blue of the ocean deep? Well then checking out the wonderful Shedd Aquarium should certainly top your list of “must dos.” The Shedd claims to be “engaging, inspiring, entertaining and informing” the public about the life that swims and crawls in our rivers and oceans With an amazing Oceanarium, a gorgeous exhibit on wild reefs, an exhibit on the conservation of the creatures of the Amazon river and a whole lot more, you can spend days exploring the creatures of the deep here.”