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A Movie Premiere in Toronto

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Organizing a movie premier in Toronto is a great reason to become an event planner. As Canada’s largest city, this Ontario capital is home to many of Canada’s opening nights, both locally made films and first showings from abroad.


A full movie premier, with the stars in attendance, is a little different than a regular film showing. Most opening nights don’t require any more extra planning than someone to make sure that the long lines don’t get out of hand. But the full, red carpet extravaganza is what students in film school in Toronto, and every sound track composer and dialogue editor in audio engineering college dreams of.


This sort of movie premier means hiring all sorts of extra staff, and advance planning with the theatre. Generally most of the extra pieces, including the famous red carpets of these events, are rented. One of the big reasons these sorts of events are popular is the advertising and publicity.


The gowns of attending female celebrities are usually loaned for the night to court customers by talented designer. For a Canadian designer, getting a big name star into a local work would be quite the coup. Toronto, because of its scale, has many of these eager new fashion houses. The celebrity efforts, in turn promote the film leading to an overall boost.


But celebrities also mean paparazzi. Found the world over, these eager photographers compete to snap as many pictures as they can. These are then sold off wholesale in the hopes that one good picture will be used by media outlets for great revenue in royalties. In Canada, the general public is safe from being photographed in that fashion, but protection does not extend to persons of public interest. Nonetheless, if you become an event planner and you are organizing and event like this you must be sure to hire adequate security personnel, even beyond what celebrities maintain for the safety of attendees, but also the fans who’ll crowd up.


On the other hand, a more likely premier is one of a less spectacular nature. For example if a local Film school in Toronto is showing student projects they may also hold an event similar to a movie premier. It’s good practice for the students. There will be no celebrities, and the fanciest dress may be made by one of the student’s home sewing machine or by one of the instructors.


Regardless, Toronto citizens are always eager to greet a new film, especially if they’ve scored tickets. After all, just a look at the film festival circuit in the city shows there’s room for every sort of movie, from international film, to major release, straight through to student shorts and amateur art efforts.



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