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Three Vital Culinary Philosophies

14 AUG 2012
Career Path : Miscellaneous

Becoming a chef is no easy task. Some of the greatest chefs of all time have gone through extensive training in order to transform their love for food into an admirable craft. And that’s exactly what cooking is: it’s a craft, one that is extended outwards for people to enjoy.

There have been many notable chefs to come out of Canada, including Martin Picard, Christine Cushing, and Guy Rubino. There is always room for another chef to sweep in and claim a spot on the head table of honorary chefs. Are you up for the challenge?

Before you say yes and dive into the idea of becoming a chef, let’s clarify a few things about food:

1) Everyone needs food to survive (in other words, hunger is one of the greatest equalizers).

2) There are two types of people: those who eat to live, and those who live to eat.

3) More often than not, people think that good food and food that is good for you are two different things.

As far as the first point goes, it is important to keep in mind that food is a universal necessity. That said, it will be your job as a chef to uphold the integrity of food by approaching it as a social tool rather than a mere stomach quencher. When you understand food as such, you will subsequently treat food the way painters treat paint, that is, the medium of their art. Whether you become a personal chef, a restaurant chef, or a chef that will only works at local events, you will always have the opportunity to display your cooking skills as an artistic craft.

The second point touches on the notion that not everyone you cook for will appreciate the same things that you do when it comes to food and eating. While it may hard to believe, some people do not have a passion for food nor do they care to venture into new cuisines or foreign delicacies. For them, eating is a necessity rather than a pleasure… Shocking, I know. But it is a reality. All this to say that although you will likely cater to those who live to eat, there will be many who will eat your food and not recognize your flair or your cooking philosophy. But no sweat! There should be plenty of your talent to go around.

Lastly, one of the biggest responsibilities a chef has is to show people that healthy food can actually be delicious. As a novice chef, you will be happy to know that there are many restaurants and banquet catering services that pulse on the philosophy that using fresh ingredients and sustainable practices is the only way to cook properly. These sorts of approaches to cooking is precisely what exposes people to a type of eating that they can include in their everyday lifestyle.

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