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23 AUG 2013 | CAREER PATH: Career
The Liberal Arts section of the GED requires skills in Reading/Writing comprehension. Test takers must thoroughly understand usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You must be able to form complete sentences that can later develop into complete thoughts expressed in paragraphs- and eventually ... Read More >>

Know Here How Accuracy is the Key Factor for Italian Translation

1 AUG 2013 | CAREER PATH: Miscellaneous
The English and Italian language share a lot of commonalities – most words from both languages are derived from Latin and the letters of both languages are the same. However, there is a striking difference in grammar and verb tense. The striking difference in the verb tenses is that the Italian lang... Read More >>

Merging Photography and Fashion – The Dries van Noten and James Reeve Collaboration

29 JUN 2012 | CAREER PATH: Miscellaneous
Dries van Noten has been celebrated as a fashion d... Read More >>