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Military Mechanic

11 DEC 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Have you ever thought that your knowledge of gears and engines could have you repairing an armed transport vehicle? In this great post by Automotive Training Centre, you can see the vast array of options and choices that await you as a military mechanic. It’s not just transport vehicle either, a career as a military mechanic could have you working on anything from a forklift to a fighter jet, depending on where you want the job to take you.

Wheeled vehicle mechanics are responsible for ensuring the proper working condition of all wheeled transport vehicles and various automobiles that act as transportation for the ground infantry forces. You’ll receive intense and serious training to be able to repair vehicles in highly stressful and distracting situations – you never know when you’ll have to tune-up an engine in the middle of a serious deployment. The environment you’re working in could change at any time. One day you might have to do a repair on some equipment at night, in the middle of nowhere. Other days you could be working in a normal garage. You’ll have to be quick on your feet and fast thinking, because you never know what situation you might find yourself in, needing to make a repair.”

While it’s not for everyone, and it may take a while to get you from changing the tire of a Jeep to checking the engines of an F-15, the opportunities for advancement and skills acquisition as a military mechanic are vast and varied. A career as a military mechanic is not only a vastly rewarding one, but it’s one with a lot of chance to grow and carve out your niche.